Complete Your Seasonal Home Prep with Peachtree Residential

season home prep featuring mowing the lawn

Summer is just around the corner, full of blooms and fun in the sun! Now is the time to start prepping your home for higher temperatures so you can kick back and relax when the warmer months roll around. Don’t know where to begin?

The Peachtree Residential team compiled a list of helpful seasonal home prep tips to help you complete a full spruce-up of your brand-new residence.

seasonal home prep checking hvac system

Check Your A/C

Nothing is worse than losing air conditioning during a heat wave. Spring is the perfect time to call an HVAC technician to tune up your system. The average tune-up is approximately half the cost of a repair, so add that to your to-do list today! Another way to ensure your A/C runs well this season is to replace the air filter. Changing out the filter every one to three months ensures that allergens remain at bay and the system continues to run effectively.

Turn Ceiling Fans Counterclockwise

Did you know that the direction of fan rotation matters? Now you do! Rotating your ceiling fans to a counterclockwise spin helps move air downward in the room, cooling occupants down faster. Many ceiling fans come with instructions to make this process a breeze.

cleaning grill for seasonal home prep

Clean the Grill

Get ready for a new season full of cookouts by preparing your grill! For gas grills, a simple scrub of the grates with your grill brush is sufficient, but for an extra clean, consider making a homemade cleaning solution. A mixture of two cups of vinegar and one cup of baking soda will leave your grill shiny and clean for cooking out next month. For the outside of the grill, dish soap and water are preferable.

Install Shade

If your residence does not have tree shade, adding screen shades to windows protects them and ensures the heat stays outside. If you want a more natural approach, now is a great opportunity to plant shrubs and other greenery to develop for future seasons. It takes about one to two years for these plants to grow fully, but it is a good investment for your comfort in the long run.

spring and summer home decor tablescape

Switch Up Interior & Exterior Accents

With a new season comes additional opportunities to make your living space stylish and colorful. Swap out the darker colors of winter with bright pastels, whites and light neutrals. A great place to start is with seasonal throw pillows or a colorful tablecloth. Begin with small changes and build from there, elevating your dwelling with a trendy, exciting decor makeover. Add festive lighting, small plants or a vertical garden to inspire natural tranquility and peace this season for outdoor spaces such as your patio or porch.

Mow the Lawn (& More!)

Is your backyard looking a little unkempt? It might be time to dust off your lawnmower and weed eater for the season. Take advantage of warmer weather this month and complete your lawn maintenance checklist, including tasks such as mowing the lawn, weed eating, trimming walkways and cleaning up vegetation that did not survive the winter. If you have flowers, pick up mulch from your local garden store and spread it on your flower beds. For optimal results, ensure your irrigation system (if applicable) is functioning properly so your greenery and plants stay hydrated and your hard work pays off.

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