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Complete Your Seasonal Home Prep with Peachtree Residential

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Summer is just around the corner, full of blooms and fun in the sun! Now is the time to start prepping your home for higher temperatures so you can kick back and relax when the warmer months roll around. Don’t know where to begin?

The Peachtree Residential team compiled a list of helpful seasonal home prep tips to help you complete a full spruce-up of your brand-new residence.


Outdoor Entertaining This Summer

COLOR_1_LAKEVIEW_Panorama1Summer begins Monday, June 20th!  It’s the perfect time to spend outside with friends and family!  Some of your favorite family moments happen in your backyard. What better way to celebrate this amazing weather than by having friends and family over? Outdoor entertaining opportunities are simply endless.
Peachtree Residential will have two new single family homes ready soon at Sterling on the Lake and the final three townhomes are almost ready.  You can move in this summer to enjoy all that Sterling has to offer or spend time in your own back yard!  Sterling’s lakeside living gives residents the opportunity to transform their backyard into a fun yet tranquil gathering place for friends. Below are a few tips and tricks for achieving the perfect spot to entertain guests and your family throughout the summer months.

1. Build atmosphere – Don’t limit your decor creativity to the indoors, your backyard and patio is an extension of your beautiful home, so treat it as such. Avoid harsh overhead lighting and create an inviting summer atmosphere by stringing paper lanterns or light bulbs across your deck or around the railings. While you want outdoor furniture to be stylish, you also want to make sure it provides comfort. Many outdoor furniture cushions are made from rough material, so consider bringing indoor cushions outside. You can always take them inside if a summer rain hits.

2. Keep guests full and happy – Create a simple and refreshing summer appetizer and drink menu to keep guests content. Easily whip up a batch of smoothies for unexpected visitors. For kids’ summer sleepovers, try an easy no-nut butter recipe – perfect for dipping apples and carrots and refueling after an intense backyard game of flag football. For the perfect happy hour, incorporate refreshing pineapple into your menu and treat your guests to a summer combination of piña coladas and fruity avocado salsa.

3. Prep, don’t stress – By preparing for guests ahead of time, you’ll be relaxed and ready to entertain if a neighbor comes knocking on your door to chat. Keep a decorative, weatherproof crate or wooden bin with a secure lid on the edge of your deck. That way, kids can keep all of their toys in one place and clean them up quickly when guests arrive. You can even use multiple crates and have them handy for extra bench seating.

Now that your outdoor space is ready to go, call up your friends and family for a weekend of fun and relaxation. For home buyers in the area, feel free to stop by our beautiful sales center to get more information on how you can become a resident of Sterling on the Lake.