Why Are We The Builder Who Listens?

When you choose to build your new home with Peachtree Residential, you’re choosing to build with a “Builder Who Listens” to what you have to say – your requests, your compliments and, yes, even your concerns. Especially those.

And with any home you build, no matter the builder, there will be at least a few concerns. Did you know that nearly 100 people are involved in building a new home, no matter the price range? And they, along with the tools and materials they are using, are often exposed to weather conditions while they work? Think rain, cold and, in the South, intense heat.

With so many people, all the moving parts, and the range of materials, from concrete foundation to your choice of roofing, one or two concerns are bound to pop up eventually. And when you work with the “Builder Who Listens”, those concerns are addressed quickly and efficiently.

Peachtree Residential ensures homeowners have ample opportunity to learn about the systems in their home and to report any problems through a system of Six Homebuyer Touchpoints.

The first is a Pre-Construction Meeting with the Peachtree Residential Sales Manager and Project Manager. At this touchpoint, the Peachtree Residential team makes sure they’re properly planning for all the features and details chosen for the home, and they answer questions about the construction process.

The next touchpoint occurs as the home begins to take shape — after it has been framed and plumbed and the wiring has been installed, and just before the sheetrock goes up on the walls. Called a Pre-Drywall Orientation, this touchpoint gives the homebuyer a front-row seat to the progress and to re-confirm selections with the Project Manager.

The third meeting is a Pre-Settlement Orientation. It is a walk-through of the property after construction is complete and before closing. This is an opportunity for both the homebuyer and the Project Manager to listen! The Project Manager gives the buyer an overview of the home’s systems and discusses proper care and maintenance. At the same time, the Project Manager listens for any concerns the homeowner expresses so those can be addressed before the next touchpoint, which is the Final Settlement Orientation. This meeting occurs just before closing, and it’s an opportunity for the Project Manager to demonstrate that any concerns raised have been addressed so the property can change hands with no outstanding issues.

Even after closing, Peachtree Residential continues to listen. The fifth touchpoint is a Post-Close Review scheduled with the Project Manager 30 days after settlement. This gives Peachtree Residential an opportunity to listen again, after the new homeowners have lived in their home for a while. The builder addresses any concerns or questions that have come up with a goal of completing any work items within two weeks.

The next touchpoint is a Final Warranty Review. Peachtree Residential homes come with a Limited One-Year Warranty that covers workmanship, and a 10 year structural warranty at no cost. Because the builder doesn’t want homeowners to miss the opportunity to address warranty issues, this last touchpoint is scheduled 11 months after closing, giving a full month before the warranty expires to take care of any work items.

It’s easy to see why more than 4,000 Atlanta and Charlotte homebuyers have bought with confidence from Peachtree Residential over the last 33 years, many returning to purchase their next home…and their next…and their next after that…years later. Stellar service from the “Builder Who Listens” keeps them coming back time after time.

To learn more about the homes and communities offered by Peachtree Residential, visit www.peachtreeresidential.com.