Mark and Cheryl Sutton

The Project Manager was an overall a pleasure to work with. I felt like he genuinely wanted us to be satisfied, and wanted us to have a high-quality, beautiful home.  Overall the house looks great, high-quality and we were very pleased the build happened right on schedule and we were able to move in at a convenient time for us as such. The entire construction process actually was very smooth and pleasant, and we feel good about the value of the house relative to the price.

Richard and Louisa Williams

The Sales Manager was very thorough, courteous and accommodating. There was a couple of times before closing that we needed to get into the house to measure things and look at the layout for the furniture that we were thinking about and she was always very accommodating. I remember a couple of times we called with questions that related to the development and she was always very, very responsive and very informative in that regard. We were very pleased.

I just think the world of the Project Manager and there is not a high enough rating to give for all that he’s done. He is extremely courteous, accommodating, was able to answer all of our questions, was right on time for everything and it’s really the best experience my wife and I have had on closing a house. Absolutely the best experience!!! Highly recommend Peachtree Residential for a new home!

Philip and Kelly Myers

Mike Funk, Project Manager and Linda Marucci, Sales Manager were the absolute best to work with at Peachtree Residential.  Linda’s advice and guidance throughout the entire process was so comforting and made it very enjoyable.  We watched the construction from foundation all the way to final floor coat stain. Mike was so accommodating throughout the entire process! We love our Peachtree Residential home!

Adam and Sacqueline Whited

I think you all are doing a great job. Andy with warranty has been great. Being able to work with Andy and consistently having him to communicate with is wonderful. We do not have to explain who we are and our story every time we talk to someone. I am likely to recommend Peachtree Residential to a friend and I am satisfied with the warranty program.

Neal and Ann Menefee

We are very pleased with Peachtree Residential. They build a good home. They pay close attention to structural details and other areas of construction that are not so obvious when the home is finished. We are very proud to say we are Peachtree homeowners!

Linda, the Sales Agent, was the primary catalyst that led us to buy a Peachtree Residential home. She is very knowledgeable and professional.  She always had good ideas and innovative approaches when it came to resolving issues. We very much enjoyed working with her.   This is the 6th or 7th house we have had built. Mike, is the best project manager we have ever worked with.  He understands how a house should be constructed and effectively coordinates all aspects of the process. He is always responsive and very attentive to your questions and requests. Handles the construction like it is a home he would want to live in.  Malinda, in the design center, was terrific. She was thorough and always had good ideas. She carefully considered our input and requests and then worked with us to put together an approach all of us were happy with. Very good in terms of answering questions and doing follow-up with suppliers etc.

Steve and Cindy Burns

I am likely to recommend Peachtree Residential to a friend.  Margaret, the Sales Agent, did a wonderful job, she was always available, always positive, and always prompt with needed responses.  Kelly and Mark, the Project Managers also did a wonderful job. They both were very attentive to the changes we wanted and were open with their thoughts and recommendations to keep costs contained while keeping us on schedule.

Matt Onesko

Very likely to recommend Peachtree Residential.  I can’t say enough about how great the process has been and how happy my wife and I would be to act as references for any future home buyers in the neighborhood. Building an entirely new house in just 6 months there were just a few hiccups and mishaps along the way, but the Peachtree team consistently went the extra mile to accommodate what we needed.   While this was the first time my wife and I have ever built a house and considering how much detail must go into the process, the entire experience was great. Thank you to the Charlotte team: Linda, Mike, Malinda, and Shannon for all their help and effort along the way!

Gary Golden

100% satisfied on my new townhome in Peachtree Corners and would recommend Peachtree Residential!  Thanks Rex and Carrie “Best Experience Ever “!


Joe and Sherry Hippler

We are very likely to recommend Peachtree Residential.  The Sale Manager, Linda, did a wonderful job.  She was always available to help us in any way we needed. She gave us information, advise, and insight into this process. We have never built a home before and felt overwhelmed more than once. Linda guided us through the process and made it a less stressful experience.

Mike, the Project Manager was also awesome. He delivered exactly what he said he would, helped us make decision and explained what was happening around our house and just as importantly why they were doing certain things. He has followed up with us on a number of issues, even a few that were not his responsibility.

Goodell Family

We were satisfied with the warranty department. He was very responsive to any issues we had in the beginning. If we needed a referral he helped us get whatever we needed to get the job done right away.  He would always come out with the people to make sure it was done.  He was always responsible.